Why should you buy from Industry Sherpa?

Published by Eric Bergez on Mar 13th 2019

Industry Sherpa stores spare parts and provides troubleshooting for Industry Sherpa clients only.

This means if an Industry Sherpa client calls me with an emergency, I can ship them spare parts or even loan them one of my rental arms until we get their Black Arm serviced, but I can only provide these services for clients that purchased their Black Arm directly from me.  If you purchased your Black Arm from 16x9, B&H or Bandpro you will likely be out of luck as they do not carry spare parts and none of their associates have likely ever used a Black Arm on a job.

I'm not just talking about failed dampers.  It's common for clients to lose the small black washers on the Roll and Tilt axis and to bend the bolts that hold the left side springs.  These minor components can truly affect the overall quality of the Black Arm's performance.  Although these seem insignificant, a Black Arm with a missing washer will see the lifespan of their damper shorten by several months or years.

Although I now offer generic dampers to everyone, this was an option typically reserved for my clients only as we waited for Flowcine dampers to arrive from Sweden.  These generic dampers worked so well, we now offer them to all Black Arm users, but I will always prioritize Industry Sherpa clients.

Besides, most clients on average save a few hundred dollars per purchase vs the other big resellers when they choose to buy through Industry Sherpa.

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