New Black Arm Generic Damper for those who want an inexpensive and/or quick fix for when their dampers fails.

Published by Eric Bergez on Feb 23rd 2019

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere or on the side of road with little time to troubleshoot why your vertical damper has just failed on your Flowcine Black Arm?  At $150/per damper it can get expensive to operate a Black Arm.  It's even more infuriating when you haven't used your Flowcine Black Arm for two months only to open up the case and find one of your dampers has leaked and failed without even using the thing.

Flowcine has always been good at replacing dampers but as of 2018 all Black Arms will have a standard 12 month warranty and any Black Arm older than 12 months will require the purchase of a new damper.  At $150/per damper this can get expensive, especially for Black Arm Complete users.

Industry Sherpa has tested several inexpensive "Generic" dampers and is happy to offer a $48 generic damper for the Vertical and Roll axis.  This will allow you to use your original Flowcine Dampers for the critical Vertical Axis and keep the generic dampers for the tilt and roll axis.

Not everyone can afford to keep replacing $150/dampers after each use so we are happy to provide an inexpensive alternative to the originals.

Order now if you want a few to add to your kit for when you need a quick damper fix during your next shoot.

Shipping and CA Sales Tax still apply.

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