Apollo Multicamera Monitor/Switcher/Recoder

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A Production Studio in the Palm of Your Hand

The Apollo provides unmatched power and flexibility for multi-camera productions.

Multi-camera production can be chaotic, confusing, and time consuming. We all know the hassle of wrangling multiple media cards from the cameras, offloading files that are different lengths, with different names, and to different codecs, then attempting to align these in post production with audio/video delay across cameras… Apollo alleviates all of that!

Record/Live Switch up to four HD Signals in  prores-logo.png


Monitor: Record: Switch: Play:
  • Four HD Streams
  • Apple ProRes Format
  • No Genlock Required
  • Switched or Quad View
  • Switched or Quad View
  • Four HD + Quad/Live
  • 2x SDI/1x HDMI Output
  • Output to HDMI/SDI
  • Image Analysis Tools
  • Single File
  • XML EDL for Post
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Custom 3D-LUTs
  • SSD Media
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Playlist/Scrubbing
  • SDI and HDMI I/O
  • Embedded Audio
  • Compact/Lightweight
  • Clip Markers


The All-In-One Production Problem Solver

Apollo is a portable multichannel monitor/recorder/switcher that can simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch, or a quad-split reference view. Separate ‘Preview’ and ‘Program’ outputs allow you to monitor on set while using Apollo’s touch screen for simple switching with cut or dissolves. Play back in perfect sync while toggling cameras. All of this functionality in a unit the size of a small tablet and capable of battery power for the ultimate portability.


What's in the box?

Apollo | SSD Case | USB SSD Reader | (5) SSD Handles | HDMI Cable | SDI Cable | AC Adpater


Warranty Information

Convergent Design warrants Odyssey, and all included accessories, against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year for registered units, and 3 months (for units used as rentals) from the original date of purchase. Convergent Design disclaims all other warranties. Convergent Design will not be liable for damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, compensation or reimbursement on account of failure of the unit, or any of its accessories, or its recording media, external storage systems, or any other media or storage systems to record or playback content of any type. Also Convergent Design will not be liable for a failure of the unit to properly record or play back for any reason. Convergent Design’s total liability, in all cases, is limited to the actual purchase price. If you discover a defect, please refer to our Return Merchandise Policy below. During the warranty period, Convergent Design, at its option, will repair or replace product or product components, which in its opinion prove defective, provided the unit is returned, freight charges prepaid, to Convergent Design. Parts and components used in the repair process may be recycled or repaired, at Convergent Design’s sole discretion. This warranty service will be performed at no charge to the registered owner, provided the product is shipped prepaid to Convergent Design. Convergent Design reserves the right to determine whether a needed repair is subject to the warranty as per its provisions stated herein. Transit damage caused by inadequate packing violates the warranty. The warranty will be void if, in the opinion of Convergent Design, the product has been damaged through accident, misuse, misapplication, or as a result of service or modification not authorized in writing by Convergent Design. Opening the unit and breaking the warranty seals, voids the warranty, unless specifically authorized in advance by Convergent Design. THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, AND ARE ITEMS FOR WHICH CONVERGENT DESIGN DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY: Damage due to the use of an AC power supply, other than the one supplied, or use of any inappropriate power source. Damage due to overheating conditions. The unit will attempt to shut down, if powered on, in the event of overheating, before damage can occur. Damage due to exposure to water, or other liquids, or excessive dust or sand. Damage caused by dropping or other rough handling. Damage caused by any over-voltage conditions or reverse voltage conditions. Any physical damage to the OLED and/or Touch Screen including scratches. Damage to any connector by using excessive force or rough handling. Any loss or corruption of video or audio data recorded on the unit, or any loss or corruption of data that is in any way associated with the Odyssey.

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